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Hants Hotwife Sex Cinema  ..

We’ve been chatting about trying this for some time so one night after a couples glasses of wine I suggest to my wife we would give this adult sex cinema a try. Sure you know the set-up, dark place with guys wanking off, and if you’re lucky you get someone to help you out, and hopefully that someone is my Hampshire cuckold wife, I have the enjoyment of watching.


Pulling up I parked up and straight away saw a very naughty smile on her face as she knew she was going to be in for a treat with someone, or maybe more than one. It was late on Saturday night, and I knew they did late showings


She decided to leave her black jacket in the car and opening a few buttons on her blouse showed off her amazing tits that always got a LOT of attention. We walked over and headed straight in. walking to the ticket stall there was a guy seated that was lucky to get an amazing view of my wife’s tits that would have been very exposed at his level, smiling her knew just what was on our minds.


Walking in the film was running and it was a young girl getting anal fucked, and after standing watching and making sure a few guys saw us we sat down.. Sitting back and watching the film I had my hand already inside her thighs and then this guy walks over sitting down next to my wife.

I had opened her blouse further and her amazing tits were virtually on show to all & being uncovered and now VERY turned on her nipples were rock hard. He moved his hand over and pushing in her blouse started teasing her nipples


Wife nipples so hard all could see …

The action with my wife was now FAR better than watching some pretty young things getting anal fucked and knew that it wouldn’t be long before my wife moved her attentions onto him, as I know how she loves sucking cock .. especially with m next to her and watching. 


Opening her blouse further he moved his head over and started sucking and biting her nipples, which she loved! And made her moan out in pleasure.


Moving his hands down he started rubbing her thighs and taking his hand she pushed it all the way up to soaking wet pushy and started tease and rub her pussy which was defiantly to my wifes delight.


Her legs were open wide and rubbing her cunt through her knickers he pushed his hand under her bottom and pulled then off and passed them towards. I put my tong to her knickers to taste her juices and she was so hot and sweet.


Pulling her skirt right up he slipped a finger inside her and she was so aroused I could see he was bringing her near to cumming. Reaching over she took his cock out, and wanked him hard, but I knew she didn’t want him to cum , least not just yet.


She looked over to to me smiling whilst playing with his cock. Opening her legs wider she pulled him over and with her dress pulled right up now could see him rubbing his cock into her pussy… “you want me to let him inside whilst you watch? I’m going to fuck him, and you can watch as he then pushes his cock into her..


Other guys came and watched ..

By now some of the other guys had moved over and was watching, putting her legs up onto the seat we were able to fuck her harder and someone behind reached over the was playing with her tits. She now didn’t give a fuck and was moaning out loudly “FUCK , I’m going to cum” and fucking her she came and a few seconds later he came inside her. Pulling his cock out he wiped it all her pussy.


She put her knickers back on as I wanted as much cum to stay there as possible, and I got her home quickly so I could enjoy cleaning up and fucking her again…We’ve since been back!


He moved away leaving a pool of cum on the theatre seat and putting her knickers back on we drove home knowing some other guys cum was still in her pussy and once home we fucked like crazy

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